Common Questions

Is PurelyWHITE DELUXE teeth whitening safe?

To avoid the potential negative effects of teeth whitening, we have formulated a specific ingredients list to effectively whiten stains without compromising the health/enamel of the teeth to leave your smile brighter and healthier.

Why Do Teeth Become Yellow?

Teeth color with age. The tooth’s interior, known as the dentin, yellows, and the enamel (the protective outer layer) thins from a lifetime of brushing. Lifestyle choices, from drinking coffee and red wine to smoking and taking certain medications can further discolor your teeth.

Does The PurelyWHITE DELUXE LED Light Help The Whitening Process?

The addition of LED lights to whitening procedures has improved the effectiveness of whitening agents, allowing for brighter and whiter smile.

When will I see results from PurelyWHITE DELUXE ?

With our 35% Carbamide Peroxide formula, you can see results in as little as 1-2 treatments. Most customers follow our 7-day smile makeover challenge. Maintaining your smile with our Whitening Wands is highly recommended.  

How do I use the PurelyWHITE DELUXE LED Teeth Whitening Kit?

1. Gently brush teeth with our Advanced Whitening Toothpaste (for enhanced results)

2. Attach the mouth tray to the led light

3. Apply 0.5ml of the whitening gel to the top face of the Mouth Tray and 0.5ml to the bottom face of the mouth tray (the part that comes into contact with the front of your teeth, remove any gel that is on your gums)

4. Put it in your mouth and turn the light on

5. Whiten for 10 minutes ( light will turn off automatically)

6. Rinse your mouth out with water to remove excess gel

7. Smile and don't forget to tag us with your selfies@purelywhitedeluxe

8. You will get up to 13+ uses from just one kit! 

Will PurelyWHITE DELUXE make my teeth sensitive?

Not at all! The PurelyWHITE DELUXE formula has been specially developed by dentists to ensure that you will not encounter any sensitivity.

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