"Never been one to stick to routines but I make sure to use this EVERY day."

-Catherine B.

"At first I thought it was just a social media hype, but once I gave in and tried it I am obsessed!"

-Emma M.

"My go to product- especially after they were able to ship to me in the U.K.

Finding somewhere that ships worldwide and is affordable too is nearly impossible. HBL has made that possible!” 

-Tyler L.

"Amazing, instant results, definitely will be reordering."

-Kimberly F.

"If you haven't tried this yet, you're missing out."

-Nicholas W.

Why Organic Coconut Charcoal?

Shop Now. Smile Later.

What makes Purely White Deluxe different?


Thats all. HBL Beauty & Co uses 100% organic, fresh, and the purest ingredients for our customers. Why use harmful bleaches and chemicals to achieve a beautiful, bright white smile; when you can use our all natural activated charcoal whitening powder. Unlike those costly, overpriced, bleaching kits that are harmful on your teeth and enamel, HBL Beauty & Co uses only organic ingredients so you avoid the worrisome side effects of tooth sensitivity, or wearing away of any enamel, in fact activated charcoal powder has positive health benefits for you- why wouldn't you use it?! Bonus - we ship world wide!