Whitening Strips

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Our Whitening Strips are designed with a PAP+ whitening formula to ensure you experience no sensitivity while whitening. Experience visibly whiter teeth within minutes. Each Box comes with 14 applications.

  • Peroxide-free
  • Easy to apply/remove
  • Customers in over 120 countries love our Whitening Strips
  • Formulated for maximum whitening 
  • Results guaranteed

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Peroxide-Free for zero sensitivity.

Our PAP+ formula provides elite whitening and desensitising benefits. Our Moroccan Mint flavor provides a great taste, all without any tooth sensitivity.

Peel, apply, smile!

It’s seriously that simple. Give us 15-30 minutes to completely transform your smile. Our PAP+ Dry Strips are designed to whiten your teeth with no gum irritation or tooth sensitivity. See why this is one of Targets top-selling products.